Wedding Day Essentials 101 | For the Bride

Are your ready to get married? Here are the most important essentials to have before you say "I do".

Here is a quick and easy list of great products to help you on your special day!

So when it comes to the wedding, it doesn't matter how much you plan, as long as your prepared and have a kit of basics for any emergency moments.


1. Make sure you have a great "hair spray". You need a really good hair spray to keep your hair on fleek and those up do's up!

Got2B high hold hair spray, is humidity resistant and can hold your hair up to 48 hours, and is great for any hair emergencies. Available at all major retailers for $7.99

2. Another major concern for brides is shine and sweat. The Joe fresh shine-free papers are a great product, easy to apply and are compact for gloss-free wedding photos. You can fit it in your purse, pocket and have it quick and easy on-hand. It soaks up all the access oil, and it doesn't remove your makeup. Available at Shoppers Drugmart for $6, and you get 100 sheets.

3. So imagine your running around, and realize you forgot "Deodorant" and might be stinky. The secret invisible solid deodorant is a great product to always have on hand. You can purchase one in a small compact size for on-the-go in your purse or the regular size. You can purchase at any major retailer for $3-$4


4. Ever find your loose bobby pins everywhere? Well, it's definetly a good idea to have them on hand to hold down all your hairs in place.

5. What happens if your feet start to swell and get blisters or continue to rub? Bandages are a great fast trick to fix any shoe issues for yourself on anyone in your bridal party. Better to be safe than sorry.

6. So your mother-in-law is sitting in the ceremony and tears start streaming down her face. Having some easy tissues in a clutch, in a pocket and easily accessible for anyone, even for the bride... or groom!

7. You might be spending 5 hours or more with your bridal party getting your hair, makeup and all other preparations done before the ceremony. Having a great music playlist of tunes and a great system thats water resistant and portable will make the day even better. Then think about after the wedding, you can take the portable speaker with you on your honeymoon to the beach. There is one on amazon for $24.99-$29.99 and also changes colours and collapses!

So when it comes to hair, makeup and everything else.. what about the dress? Having a portable steamer might save you hassle-free wrinkles and for anyone else in the bridal/groom party. Looking clean and freshly pressed in really important for the day! Dress to impress. I recommend this Conair steamer thats small and compact for transportation and gets the wrinkles out fast!

You can purchase one at Walmart for $39.98


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