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StylistNomad's: Travel Bucket-Lust-List 2019

Lauren MartinComment
StylistNomad's: Travel Bucket-Lust-List 2019

Ever have that travel itch? Where your dying to go to some places, but your not 100% if you can do it or even afford it. I called this list of amazing destinations for 2019 my bucket-lust. So here is my lust list of top destinations I’m dying to check out in the new year!

Dominican Republic

It’s been in the back of my mind for the longest time. Ive been working at a Travel Agency for over a year now, and the top beach resorts or destinations always include Dominican. For example the Grand Bahia Principe Esmeralda Resort, is where I sent my clients for their destination wedding for May 2019 and I haven’t even been there. So hopefully since I booked over 20 rooms, I might be able to swing by and check it out.


Every since a friend of mine started posting photos on instagram of her trip to curacao, Ive been mesmerized by that super blue water. It’s one of those places Ive never even heard of until recently, and now I know its also named after the famous Curacao liquor (bright blue bottle). Not only is it unbelievably beautiful, it has incredible snorkeling, marine life, white sandy beaches, colourful buildings, and the palms and tropical landscapes are calling my name!


Asia has been recently on my bucket-lust and mostly for the culture, food and beaches. It's known for tropical beaches, opulent royal palaces, ancient ruins and ornate temples displaying figures of Buddha. I heard Thailand is one of the most affordable destinations for a meal, and accommodations. Even the hostels are incredibly affordable. Perfect for young “broke” people, who want a great trip, but don’t want to spend a lot of money. Here is an example of an affordable hostel in Bangkok, Thailand.


Have I ever mentioned one of my favourite foods is sushi! Well if I haven’t, now you know. It has been my dream to try the most authentic teriyaki chicken, maki rolls, dragon rolls and dynamite rolls…even stuff I probably have never even heard of! I also know the most authentic and spicy “real” wasabi is located in Japan and i’m totally down. Not only the food, but the landscapes and history of Japan seem extraordinarily beautiful. The cherry blossom trees in the Spring time and the views are picturesque. It seems like a destination worth visiting.


So this past summer in Greece, I met some incredible friends who happened to be from Singapore. For those who might not know where Singapore is an island-city located in Asia, below Thailand and above Australia (another place i’m dying to go one day) it can also take 20+ hours to fly there with 1 or 2 layovers (depending where you are coming from) i’m from Toronto. Ever since meeting my friends, I have been more inspired to go and visit and get a taste of the Singapore lifestyle and culture. The most exciting part is trying the food, and the foodie in me wants to try more Singapore noodles (and so much more!). I have also heard its one of the cleanest places in the world, and you can even be fined for chewing gum or spitting on the street (gross). They are all about respect, hospitality, and I look forward to visiting!

San Francisco

when I picture San Fran, I imagine trolly cars, hilly roads, the golden gate bridge and incredible sunsets. I recently visited Los Angeles, and Ive decided I must check out the beautiful city of San Francisco. Not only for the food, beaches and golden coast, but the architecture, museums and definitely the food. It’s a place i’ve seen in all the movies like Mrs Doubtfire, Homeward Bound, Princess Diaries, and All Dogs Go to Heaven etc. It’s a quant and unique city I have always dreamed of visiting. One thing I learned geographically about this place is “Napa Valley” everyone talks about is right near by, and LA is about 6-8 hours away “Not close at all”. Hopefully even just for a layover or a full trip visit I can experience this beautiful place on earth.

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