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Celebrating Canada's 150th "Top 11 Reasons Why to Love Canada"?

Lauren Martin13 Comments
Celebrating Canada's 150th "Top 11 Reasons Why to Love Canada"?

Canada is truly an incredible place to experience, live and gives people the opportunity to be apart of such a diverse culture. I recently took a trip across Canada, a place I can call home. Here are 11 reasons why I love Canada, and why you should too.

1. Kindness is never an option

People will find any way to make someone smile, whether its holding the door open, saying please and thank you and overall treating people with respect. Canadian's can be very apologetic, kind and considerate for the most part, and super sarcastic and humorous.

2. When it's hot, It's hot

Seriously, Canada isn't a cold dark place, and if you live more south i'm sure you can relate to these random extreme temperature changes we have been having lately. It's possible because of climate change, maybe Canada could become the next California dream (weather wise), who knows? It also doesn't snow 365 days of the year. Oh also Canada has palm trees, who knew eh?

English Bay, Vancouver British Columbia |

English Bay, Vancouver British Columbia |

3. When it's cold, it's cold

Okay, so when winter hits, it really can get to low temperatures, so does Germany. but we haven't been getting huge amounts of snow like we used too. Most days in the winter it's just raining and chilly. But who cares, we all get through it together, its just an excuse to head more south! How about Cuba anyone? Also we have beautiful Rocky Mountains for Winter sports, the great lakes for ice skating and its magical when the snow gracefully falls on a calm winter night. 



4. We share our Pride

I'm not talking about boasting about our "pride", I mean the LGBT community. Pride in Canada is important by accepting others differences and loving one and other for who they are. This is a huge part of Canadian culture. Canada is always open to any race, gender or sexual orientation and is a place to feel safe, and be accepted for who you are.  

5. Opportunity to start a new life

It's really incredible how much opportunity there truly is in Canada. Want to startup your own business? You're an entrepreneur with a new product idea? There are ways to get by, and working hard always leads to amazing opportunities. There is always room for growth, peace-of-mind, acceptance and the freedom to live a healthy and enjoyable life for you and your family.

6. Diversity

What's a great reason to love Canada? You can always meet people within your culture and other types of cultures too. You can eat Chinese food Monday, Jamaican food Tuesday, and Brazilian food on Friday. It's just a big melting pot of unique individuals. People here are super open-minded and excepting. 


One of the many Canadian favourites, Tim Horton's or also known as "Timmy's or Tim's" is a multinational fast food chain, known for it's coffee and donuts. Their menu ranges from Coffee, to timbits, breakfast sandwiches, chocolate chills and more. I personally love to order their ice-caps (so good).

Photo by  Tim Horton

Photo by Tim Horton


8. The Great Outdoors  

Some of the most beautiful sceneries and great outdoors are located in Canada. We have some of the largest fresh water lakes in the world, and have fantastic views for walking and hiking trails. The air gets fresher the more North you go and away from the city life. 

9. Maple syrup

You don't have to be Canadian to enjoy it, but Canada is the top supplier in the world with the purest and most natural tasting ingredient. It's fantastic with pancakes of course, but now people are incorporating maple into almost everything including; filet baked salmon, maple walnut ice-cream, maple cookies, chocolates, cotton candy, dressings and sauces...etc. My favourite is maple pecan pie (mmm).

10. Say Sorry

Okay, I know it might be a small stereotype, but whats wrong with saying sorry? Canadians are genuine and apologetic, and are openly concerned with others and their environment and respect those around them. Canadians hold a good example for other countries, and always welcome those who visit. 

11. Travel is getting easier

Although Canada is one of the largest countries in the world based on landmass, many of the major cities are introducing better and faster options for Canadians. The Via rail travels across Canada to major cities including Montreal, Toronto, Vancouver, Edmonton, and Calgary. In Ontario "GO Transit" offers rail from Oshawa, to Kitchener, Barrie, Hamilton and Lincolnville. Airlines have really lowered their prices over the past couple of years, and smaller companies are continuing to provide travellers in Canada with lower and more affordable options in the near future.

For Example you can fly out of Hamilton, Ontario to Edmonton for under $270, and prices can get even cheaper with Air Canada deals, West Jet, Alaska Air, North Air, Canadian North and Porter Airlines.

*prices are always subjected to change.

Overall, Canada is one of the greatest countries to experience the rich nature, unique cultures and food from around the world, and a constant feeling of being welcomed. Maybe Canada might give you a good feeling, and a new place to call home. 



What did you think of "Top 11 Reasons Why to Love Canada"? I would love to hear your thoughts. Comment below!


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