Transitioning Seasons | How to Keep Warm & Layer Your Style?

Layering, and changing seasons means figuring out the best way to keep yourself warm, but how can you do it and keep stylish at the same time? It is definitely possible, and I will show you how! 

First select pieces that coordinate nicely together. In terms of style, texture and colour. I knew prior that my photoshoot was taking place outdoors with a forest background. I wanted a more subdued look, that flowed nicely with the atmospheres style. Lately I have really been in love with leathers, black, grey and shades of hunter greens. I get a lot of inspiration for my looks from the company Zara. Overall, focus on how the colours blend together, maybe pull a few pieces from your wardrobe and mix and match different options and choose warm pieces overtop, and more light-weight fabrics underneath (still need to breathe). 


Layering your jewelry

This technique won't necessarily help with warmth, but its effective for visual presentation. It takes your basic outfit to another level of sophistication. I added my Nomadica black choker, crystal-stone pendent and cream-pendent necklaces. Its best to keep it simple and classic with the jewels, especially if you have a lot of texture, pattern or a lot already happening on your outfit.

"One-of-a-kind jewelry coming soon on StylistNomad stay tuned."

Other types of layering pieces

Another way of layering items is with pieces like tank tops, turtle necks, light-weight sweaters, and even long johns. You can even wear high-knee boots and layer with cute fuzzy socks, tights, and then jeans to really maximize your warmth. Whatever it is that will help keep you warm, it can be hidden under almost any clothing article. Layering is a great way to be inconspicuous and still look fashionable.

Wearing // Zara leather/chiffon blouse dress + H&M earth-green knit sweater layered + StylistNomad cream pendent and crystal-stone necklaces + Dynamite faux-leather jacket + Vintage pink glasses + Nine West leather open-toe booties.

xx~ Lauren Martin

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