Designers, Directors, Destinations Oh My!

Fashion editor and founder of StylistNomad Lauren Martin, asked several designers and fashion insiders to share their essentials and favourite travel destinations to unwind during the Winter months.

Alan Ta – Canadian Fashion Designer

Top 5 Destinations:

- Los Angeles
– Las Vegas
– Maldives
– Vietnam
– Italy

Top 5 Items To Bring:

- Cellphone
– Wallet
– first aid kit + essential
– Ray-ban sunglasses
– Sketch book


Christopher Bates – Canadian Fashion Designer

Top 5 Destinations:


Top 5 Items To Bring:

-Best friend
-Swim suit
-Jabra solemate (bluetooth speaker)


Gail McInnes – Co-founder & Communications Director at Stylistbox

Gail would like to visit Iceland, Cayman Islands, India and Japan. But she, of course, has on the top of her list her beloved homeland, Scotland.

Top 5 Items:

-Samsung Galaxy smartphone to take photos and share them on social media
-Code Vitesse shawl jacket and pants. Very comfortable yet stylish pieces to wear when traveling and I also love the fact that they are made in Canada.
-Appropriate shoes to walk around. Palladium boots are comfy and waterproof too!
-A nice hat as I don’t want to fuss with my hair while on holiday.
-Someone to share my experience with – my partner Ben.


Miriam Baker – Canadian Fashion Designer

Currently, Miriam is very busy focusing on the production of her Fall 2016 collection but, if she had the chance she would like to visit Argentina.

Top 5 Items To Bring:

- Phone
– Laptop
– Sunblock
– Look-books


Shane Vitaly Foran from ‘Vitaly Design’ – Canadian Fashion Designer

Shane would personally love going to Bali to scape the Canadian winter and more specifically the area of Canggu. ‘The weather is amazing – even though it’s considered rainy season-, the people are awesome, food is great, etc’ – the designer points out. He has already spent two Winters there and, if it weren’t for some big commitments, he would definitely spend at least ten days in December in such a dreamy paradise.


Patrick Salonga – Canadian Fashion Designer

‘As a Canadian Designer I love to embrace the weather and roll with the punches of mother nature. I love going to Blue mountain and, if I have the extra moolah, I go to whistler with my friends. After an exhausting day of skiing and/or snowboarding it’s nice to chill by a fire with your closest friends while enjoying some cheese & wine’- Patrick says.

Top 5 Items To Bring:

-Disposable Cameras. Just leave a couple laying around your chalet. The memories you get to print out later are hilarious!
-My Acne Studios Luca Hat.
-A sweater to pair with everything.
-Burt’s Bees
-An 80’s style skiing onesie.


Patrick Forest – Canadian Model

Top 5 Destinations:

-Costa Rica
-Barcelona, Spain.

Top 5 Items To Bring:

-Go Pro


Melina Morry from ‘The Lady-Like Leopard’ – Fashion, Beauty and Travel Blogger.

This Winter Melina is travelling to her idillic continent, Australia. ‘My laptop, some nice bikinis, my camera for all those opera house selfies, sunscreen so I don’t look like a lobster by the end of my trip, and some bold lipsticks because that’s the only makeup you need at the beach’ – Melina says.


Jennifer Lee Dawson – FGI Fashion Group International

Well, I used to live in Australia and there it’s summer when here is winter’. Jennifer also loves travelling to the islands, like Jamaica and Cuba.

Top 5 Items To Bring:

-Big floppy hats
-A statement piece of jewellery


Matthew Gallagher – Canadian Fashion Designer


‘During the winter I have two destinations where I like to go. The first is my hometown in Nova Scotia. Being born and raised on the east coast, I like to go back so I can spend some time with my family which is nice especially during the holidays. It is so peaceful and scenic so it is a great place to recharge. Also, I have a very large extended family who love to celebrate Christmas traditions so it is generally my favourite time of year. The second destination is what I consider my home away from home, Italy as I spent 5 years living there so it holds a really special place in my heart. My boyfriend’s family home is nestled in a small village amongst the breathtakingly beautiful rolling hills of Marche. Italy is beautiful any time of year but there is something so romantic about seeing ancient cities and castles dusted in snow’ - the designer shares.

‘When I travel during the winter I always pack a cozy knit sweater, a down filled parka, my sketchbook – being snowed in leaves you have lots of time to come up with new ideas-, my camera to take pictures of the beautiful landscapes and unfortunately, practical – ugly-  boots for the snow!’


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