Day 1 - Embarking on the Journey

May 13, 2015

Editor: Lauren Martin

Finally, I am about the embark on this incredible journey overseas to Europe, for the third time. 

I have been planning for months, to finally bring back the nostalgia of flying to a new destination. There was so much thought and time put into this Europe trip. I couldn't believe it was finally going to happen. I'm trembling with excitement and the wanderlust is what I live for.

Photograph by Lauren Martin

My travel friend Marcos and I are planning to backpack throughout nine countries, with a pass over through Bosnia. We plan to start in the West of Europe and end in the south of Italy. We are taking a plane from Toronto Pearson Airport to Amsterdam, and travelling on trains during our duration in Europe, as well as buses, a rental car and we plan todo lots..and lots of walking. This is why I invested $150.00 in new shoes from Geox. I really wanted to avoid the running shoes.. so I purchased these beauties...

Usually on extended trips, I pack a week prior, but this time I literally waited until the day of, which is a rare case. I just wanted to leave all the excitement till the time of departure. I mean, gradually I did placed some clothing over a couple of weeks aside on my desk, to be placed inside my backpack. 

My parents drove Marcos and I to YYZ, and the trip did not hit me, until we arrived at the airport. 

I have to say, the airport has got to be one of my favourite places in the world. I have been waiting for close to three years to travel back to Europe. When you're in Canada for so long, those nine month winters, can be horrible. So it was time to leave this place, and embark on a new journey.

Photography by Lauren Martin