Writers Block | After Traveling the World

Writers block after exploring and living in 2 countries abroad for a year. That's what’s happening right now, and also being in this unmotivated point in my blogging career, where I just feel uninspired, but at the same time really determined to write some new articles. Do you ever have all these great ideas and find it a struggle to put them into words? It also might be because I live in a city, where there is only 200,000 people, and there really isn’t a lot to-do. You have to get creative, have lots of friends, have a driver’s license and know many great places to eat and drink, and of course having money. Since I moved back to Canada from living in beautiful Spain and Italy, I honestly landed in a small slump and it’s only been 2 weeks back.

When you travel for 10 months straight, and live a completely different lifestyle, it takes lots of time to adjust. When you come home for Christmas, It’s even harder to avoid eating all the time, and getting cozy by the fire on a warm soft couch. These days’ I have been trying todo lots though, I mean catching up with friends and family, keeping connected with the ones back in Europe, and also making trips from my hometown to Toronto. That being said, I was definitely made to live in a bigger city, that’s for sure. I want to live and work in Toronto, New York or even abroad, but at the moment I'm working from home, and I really just have my blog, some good contacts and my travel experiences under my belt. I noticed many blogs posting about “the Best Gift Guides”, “Where to travel in the winter?” and as much as you would love to read another one of those… I really just feel uninspired to write about it. My specialty is focused on travel, and how to look fashionable well doing it, what to see on your travels, the best food to eat and much more.

I have travelled to hundreds of cities, and so far counting 22 countries. But even after years of incredible travel, sometimes you have all the photos, experiences and memories and find it really hard to get it down on paper. Many bloggers out there plan out their weeks in advance, which I think is fantastic. I worked for a magazine and we had to plan a content calendar each week, and write down all our ideas. But I was working downtown, so maybe my problem is working from home; I mean I enjoy being outside (when it’s not -10) and working in collaborative working spaces, which we don’t really have in my hometown. I really think the best suggestion for myself and others feeling this way is to just push and find a second or third job. Whatever it takes, and especially if you still have the travel bug in you, like myself. Save! I have spent 7 years saving and it has totally paid off. I worked a lot of retail jobs, and freelancing online, whatever it takes to make some cash and save up for your next adventure.

One thing that has been keeping me motivated, aside from my writers block, has been my love for language. I moved abroad 9 months ago and began learning Spanish, and with the intention to one day travel south America and Central America, I really did whatever it took to get those romantic words stuck in my brain. I went to Spanish classes in Spain, language exchanges, dated Spanish guys, made Spanish friends, read books, watched movies and even downloaded multiple apps to study as much as I could. I think whatever kind of motivation happens when you find your passion and what you love. For example I enjoy visual art, and I feel free and happy when I draw and paint, especially after a huge trip when my mind is full of creativity and inspiration. But sometimes things don’t always pull you towards your goals, it's like a void.

Other than my struggle lately, I am really grateful for my support and following this past year, and I want to work towards growing and inspiring my readers more. If there is something specific you would like me to write about, please feel free and connect. I am a super open-minded traveller, I enjoy conversation and long walks on the beach, haha. Just take the leap, and maybe you might inspire me to write more, and I will inspire you. Writing is truly one of my passions, and I’m sure we all go through rough patches in our lives coming up with ideas. It’s only been 2 weeks, so maybe I’m just not used to this void, and also being home for the first time in almost a year. This year 2016 has honestly been the best year of my life, and I have so many incredible stories and travel recommendations to share. Maybe I just need to give it time, put myself out into the big cities, find a job and meet some like-minded individuals to get me off my feet (or couch). 

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I wish everyone a beautiful day, and maybe my writer’s block will unfold.

Keep motivated. 

~xx Lauren Martin